Advanced Technologies: ATA e-Business Forum and S1000D User Forum

June 12-14, 2017, Amsterdam. – Representatives of the Training Center “Aviator” participated in ATA e-Business Forum and S1000D User Forum.

The Forum allowed learning more about the recent developments in exchange of data required for maintenance, material support, as well as flight data sharing – all of this needed to establish integrated standards comprising data and technology exchange standards in aerospace.

Within the educational portion of the Forum the programs of ATA and S1000D electronic business were studied in detail, as well as many technical requirements and industry initiatives aimed at efficient information-sharing between business partners.

S1000D is an international specification describing technical data and publications in order to develop standardized documentation on all civil and military products including equipment (in the field of aviation, and ground and marine technologies).

S1000D describes:

  • Process for production, maintenance and presentation of technical publications
  • Princliple concept for structuring the complex information
  • Generic concept for quality assurance of technical publications
  • Definition of a standardized transfer format for interchange of information between any parties
  • Standardized layout for page oriented technical publications
  • Set the basic principles for standardized presentation of IETP

Beside this special attention at the Forum was paid to simplifying the technical English within the framework of S1000D Standard implementation and its influence on extension of IoT reality and strategy. Built-in systems and IoT provide for improvement of machine and equipment intelligence aimed at interoperation and integration.

Standardizing of the language used by maintenance personnel becomes more and more pressing due to extensive changes in aircraft maintenance practices within the past 20 years, which includes:

  • Extension of the PC role in maintenance
  • Decrease in number of document translations from English to native language
  • Extension of use of standardized training materials developed by the manufacturer (in English)
  • Increase in number of alliances between the airlines, when most of them are located in the countries with no common language
  • More mobile and multicultural workforce

We are grateful to the Forum’s organizers for invitation. We are planning to continue expanding the professional activities of the Training Center “Aviator” in the field of the civil aviation engineering/maintenance personnel training by conducting the Aviation Technical English course (

Our Training Center monitors the emerging technologies and actively inmplements them into the training process thus improving the quality and attractiveness of our Training Center to our customers and business partners.