A11 Group Foundation


Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce a new, very important stage in the development of our company. On the site of the recently held International Aviation Space Salon MAKS-2021 Vladislav Berlev announced the foundation of the A11 Group. This is a really big event. In addition to the Training Center, A11 Group unites LLC […]

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Aviator received Certificate of Approval from Kyrgyz Republic


Dear colleagues, We have some news, which will probably be not so massive as the recent International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021, but which certainly makes us proud! We are pleased to inform you, that our Training Center continues to expand the geography of its presence. The audit process was successfully completed, and TC Aviator […]

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Training Center “Aviator” – successfully accredited as an IS-BAO PSA


Dear colleagues, I’m glad to announce that yesterday our Training Center “Aviator” (the first and only within Russia and former CIS countries) was accredited by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as an IS-BAO Standard training and consultancy body IS-BAO Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) at the ‘Audit and Registration Support’ category. Our Training Center was […]

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To the New Year with a brand-new certificate!


Dear Colleagues and Friends! Last year proved to be not so easy for all civil aviation companies. Happy Year of 2021! We wish you to stay healthy, resilient and always believe in yourselves. Let all your projects lead you to success, and never give up! As many of you probably know, for the last 6 […]

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The first crossbred course! New challenge – new success!


2020 turned out to be quite challenging for all organizations around the world – they were forced to reorganize their activities due to all that happened in the world. Our Training Center is was no exception. And it turned out to be tough (on one hand), but also very interesting and unusual! Beside the active […]

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Aviation Technical English for helicopter specialists – learn your level!


Our Training Center has provided the Aviation Technical English training as well as respective proficiency testing (ATEPT = Aviation Technical English Proficiency Test) for Cat. B1.1 and B2 maintenance personnel for quite some time. ATEPT is based on the current international requirements and received appraisal from EASA and FAA specialists. And now we’ve developed and […]

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Successful launch of the ‘virtual classroom’ trainings!


The first group of students has just passed our brand-new ‘virtual classroom’ training! This approach is obviously very much beneficial as compared to a standard online training (without active interaction between the instructor and the students. For some courses (as, for example the Aviation Technical English course) we, of course, continue using our online training […]

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Virtual classroom – new training standards


Dear colleagues! Due the the current worldwide situation (as it has developed), we’ve sped up the implementation of the new training technologies – a virtual classroom. We are now glad to present you much needed, interesting and topical courses via distance learning, but with full imitation of regular classroom training. No matter where you are: […]

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Meet the Queen!.. and Sir Max!


Since its very beginning the year of 2020 sets a high standard for achievements! Our Training Center has successfully extended the scope of its EASA Part-147 Approval – with an iconic couple of aircraft (for Cat. B1, B2. B1+B2): B747-400 (with all engines!): GE CF6, PW 4000, RR RB211 – Jumbo! and B737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B) […]

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Panel of Rosaviatsiya on FAR-21 requirements


Our Training Center participated in the Panel of Rosaviatsiya dedicated to the implementation of the new certification requirements (subject to aviation technologies and its design and production organisations) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation No. 184 “On Approval of the Federal Aviation Rules “Certification of aviation technologies […]

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