Successful launch of the ‘virtual classroom’ trainings!

The first group of students has just passed our brand-new ‘virtual classroom’ training!

This approach is obviously very much beneficial as compared to a standard online training (without active interaction between the instructor and the students. For some courses (as, for example the Aviation Technical English course) we, of course, continue using our online training platform, but the virtual classroom moves distance training technologies to a new level.

The first course conducted through the virtual classroom was dedicated to OTAR-39 continuing airworthiness requirements. The training was conducted with livid interaction as the students were able to pose some questions, subject to their professional activities, and receive immediate answers, which finally allowed us to keep the training as efficient as a regular offline training. It was quite challenging at first – we are used to maintain visual contact with our students – but at the end of day one it became clear that there are all necessary elements for success in place: we have an experienced instructor with wonderful communicative abilities, and we have interested students with broad aviation experience – what else does one need? 🙂

Welcome to the virtual world of the Training Center Aviator.