To the New Year with a brand-new certificate!

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

Last year proved to be not so easy for all civil aviation companies. Happy Year of 2021! We wish you to stay healthy, resilient and always believe in yourselves. Let all your projects lead you to success, and never give up!

As many of you probably know, for the last 6 years our Training Center was in the certification process to get a Russian Training Center Approval. At the same time – as a Part-147 approved Training Center – we’ve been expanding our scope of activities, geography and list of the trainings. And finally on December 31, 2020 we’ve learned that our application was approved and we’ve been granted the Approval from Russian Aviation Authorities.

We thank you all for your patience, understanding and trust to our Training Center. We always stay true to our principles and continue working to the benefit of the civil aviation.