Participation in an Instructional Seminar of the Aviation Register of IAC

November 29-30, 2018. – Training Center “Aviator” participated in an Instructional Seminar with Representatives and candidates to become Representatives of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (Aviation Register of IAC) on production inspection activities within the Repair Organizations.

Such Seminars are organized by the Aviation Register of IAC every year in order to provide support to the repair organizations (that are certified by the Aviation Register of IAC) in such issues as, for example, the following: drawing of a list of units under repair; certified repair process oversight; incoming inspection arrangements at aviation technology repair organizations; implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) in the repair organizations; and much more.

Within the framework of this even, our Training Center was asked to present a demo-version of our “Human Factors – Initial Training” course. The task to fit the most representative part of a three-day course into 30 minutes was successfully done (although at the beginning it seemed to be an impossible task). Despite the fact that the Seminar was conducted in a “lecturing” format in a huge meeting hall, the participants were very actively involved in the demo-course, and some five minutes into the demo-course it seemed that we were in a “chamber” format (which is typical to our training courses) with high level of students’ engagement.

We would like to thank the Aviation Register of IAC and especially Mr. Gennady Shcherbakov and the Repair Department of the Aviation Register of IAC for the invitation! Beside the interesting presentations and a wonderful organization of the Seminar, it was extremely nice to observe that level of professionalism and quality of interaction between the specialists of the Aviation Register of IAC and the organizations certified by them. Openness to a two-way communication and sincere desire to support the organizations not only within the certification process itself but also in a subsequent oversight process commands nothing less that respect.

More detailed information on the Seminar, as well as normative and instructional documentation on the certification of the Repair Organizations by the Aviation Register of IAC, can be found on the official web-site of the Aviation Register of IAC