Aviation Technical English for helicopter specialists – learn your level!

Our Training Center has provided the Aviation Technical English training as well as respective proficiency testing (ATEPT = Aviation Technical English Proficiency Test) for Cat. B1.1 and B2 maintenance personnel for quite some time. ATEPT is based on the current international requirements and received appraisal from EASA and FAA specialists.

And now we’ve developed and successfully tested a brand-new ATEPT for Cat. B1.3 (helicopters) maintenance personnel!

Please, remember that ATEPT helps us to assess your level of aviation technical English knowledge, that is required for aircraft and components maintenance personnel. It cannot be applied to pilots.

Each ATEPT, which we conduct, is unique: we adapt the materials subject to specific group of specialists under assessment (based on the Category, types of aircraft/helicopters maintained, approvals/certificates, under which the person works etc.)

Please, don’t forget that in order to enroll to the Aviation Technical English training and/or ATEPT you need to have at least basic general English knowledge.

We’ll be glad to see you at our Training Center!

PS And by the way, the Aviation Technical English training and ATEPT can be arranged both offline and online – depending on your demands.