The g-RA-tification for learning and sharing of experience

On April 01-05, 2019 our Training center has conducted a unique (subject to the trainees composition) training on the Aircraft Inspection and Airworthiness Assessment.

In this training the following aviation professionals participates: representatives of ten Interregional Territorial Departments of the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA – Rosaviatsiya) as well as of the Central Office of Rosaviatsiya, continuing airworthiness experts of the Russian airlines (commercial and business), managers of the maintenance organisations and experts that are engaged in aircraft acceptance (delivery)/transfer on behalf of the leasing companies.

Thanks to the trainees composition and their deep knowledge and high competency, this training (aside from the learning part) included vast sharing of experience and opinions subject to the topical issues of the airworthiness of the Russian-operated aircraft.

Particular interest was drawn to the issues on the foreign-built aircraft registration in the Register of the Russian Federation and subsequent airworthiness assessment of these aircraft.

We do hope that such discussions and sharing of opinions will happen regularly at the headquarters of our Training Center, as they strongly encourage the formation of a unified attitude of the aviation community towards the key issues of aviation technologies operation within our country.