Quality Auditor Training – from theory to practice

Last week we’ve had a very interesting course at our Training Center – “Quality Auditor at Aircraft and Components Maintenance Organisations”, which gathered in our classroom representatives of different companies and organisations. The participants included our wonderful customers from hospitable Kazakhstan, as well as from Orenburg, Moscow and Moscow Region.

This course – as the majority of our courses – is to the highest extent based on the real-life auditing and certification activities, as well as largely “practicized”.

What does it mean?

The answer is simple: first of all, during the course we offer our students not just a pure theory, but rather a livid lecture with a study of topical issues and questions, which arise during EASA audits of the organisations. Probably, you will ask: and how can we actually guarantee that these are really THE topical issues, which our colleagues face almost every day? The answer here is even simpler: at our Training Center we’ve implemented a very thorough process of the instructing staff selection and recruiting. For example, this particular course was presented by our wonderful instructor Ekaterina Kachkina – an actual Quality Manager at a Maintenance Organisation approved under EASA Part-145 and Bermuda OTAR-145. Beside the required theoretical knowledge, Ekaterina has a huge practical experience in quality and auditing activities and also – what is particularly important for an instructor – is always ready to attentively and to the fullest extent possible answer the emerging questions (quite often very from a very narrow field) of her students.

And secondly, this course (aside from the theoretical part) include a double-level practical part: the desktop audit and the on-site audit of our partners (maintenance organisation). In the practical part the students are learning how to prepare the audit schedule, work with the documentation, detect noncompliances, adequately write down the findings, draw the audit report, and also how to politely communicate with the auditees.

We are happy to share with you some photos from this course, and we will be glad to see you as our students! Come up!