The first crossbred course! New challenge – new success!

2020 turned out to be quite challenging for all organizations around the world – they were forced to reorganize their activities due to all that happened in the world. Our Training Center is was no exception. And it turned out to be tough (on one hand), but also very interesting and unusual!

Beside the active online training method (which was implemented at the first notion of the pandemic), when instructor and the students are interacting in real time, we’ve tried one more new training approach: crossbred training. In early July we’ve conducted a training on Russian Federal Aviation Rules FAP-21 for design and production organisations, and some students were in the classroom (with all the social distancing requirements met), and some of them were located far from our Training Center and joined the training online. All doubts in the efficiency of such training approach were dispelled right away! All students were actively involved in the course, asked questions and gave comments.

We are always glad to solve non-routine tasks, which are posed to us by our Clients – without violating the quality of the training.

Come and join us at our trainings!