Part-66: another strike (and not a single one)!

Dear colleagues and friends! Our Part-66 Projects has seen several new strikes! Ho many exactly? – Let’s count together 🙂

  • Our student received a Cat. A Part-66 licence
  • Our student received a Cat. B1.1 Part-66 licence, and for this student we have:
    • ensured the one-off approval of the On-the-Job training (OJT) that was conducted at a Foreign Part-145 organisation
    • assisted with the aircraft type endorsement

At that, the coordination with the French CAA was conducted solely by our Training Center. Up to the moment, when our students have received the Part-66 licences by mail.

Within our agreement signed with the French CAA our Training Center is responsible for the initial check of the documents to be submitted to the French CAA together with the application for a Part-66 licence (we certainly consult our student while they are preparing the documents and filling up the papers), and – after the positive conclusion of our experts – for submitting all the necessary documents to the French CAA. Thus, the whole process is conducted with the minimum coordination between our students and the French CAA – basically, it comes down to the sending/receiving of the licences by mail (mentioned above).

If our students choose any other European authorities for their application, then our Training Center provides full consultancy support of this process.

Beside this our Training Center provides a unique (and a really valuable! – those who’ve encountered it know it) service – the assistance with the approval of an OJT conducted at a Foreign Part-145 organisation, as well as the actual aircraft type endorsement.

If you wish to expand your capabilities and receive the Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence (AML), we will be glad to welcome you at our Training Center.

Project Coordinator – Liliya Zentsova, email:, cell: 8(926)979-92-11 – please, feel free to write or call!