Autumn courses

The Indian summer turned out to be very dynamic for our instructors – no one managed to stay at home nicely. In October our Training Center simultaneously gave courses in quite different places of the globe.

Erfurt, Germany – Boeing B737NG type training was conducted for our German colleagues.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Boeing B757 type training was conducted for our German colleagues as well.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan – an introductory course “Basics of the Bermuda Aviation Legislation” was conducted; – this course was developed by the request of our Customers.

Vladivostok, Russia – additional trainings were conducted on the courses required in accordance with the Part-145 certification requirements.

Moscow, Russia – a course on the Russian aviation rules FAP-285 was conducted in English for our foreign Customers; and as a General Familiarization course on Sukhoi RRJ95 aircraft was conducted.

And not yet speaking about the fact that representatives of our Training Center took part in international seminars and meetings. But about this we will tell you a bit later…