New technologies and business models to answer expectations and prospective development of the modern aviation branch

The annual EASA conference (October 25-26, 2016 – Bratislava (Slovakia)) has an old-established custom that every year the speakers present different topics all connected to the civil aviation flight safety.

For the Director of the Training Center “Aviator” Mr. Vladislav Berlev it was not the first EASA conference – he is a frequent guest and speaker at such events.

In 2016 the discussions at EASA conference focused on the future technologies and innovation business models.

It was the first time ever that such conference had an online transmission of all speakers, and the participants were able to leave their comments on the most sricitcal issues.

More than 200 aviation speciflists from different partso f the world took part in this conference.

The conference agenda as quite wide. The technological changes in all aviation sectors were discussed, thus including:

  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Flight Operations
  • Air Traffic Management.

Among the main topics were the following: unmanned aircraft systems (drones), possibility to print the aircraft components with the help of 3D printers, cybersecurity, remote control of aircraft, and new business models such as flight data exchange.

The aim of the conference was to discuss ne technologies, and their influence on the safety management as well as change management, which they have on the aviation branch and the authorities.

The discussion groups formed a forum to fruitfully exchange the opinions and ideas. The lead speakers in each group were the most experienced specialists from different aviation sectors including authorities, airlines, manufacturers, ATM bodies and aviation associations.