Peace to the world, hard work, July

Our dear colleagues and friends! We cannot hold back a unique and interesting piece of news. The first week of July turned out to be a rather international one for our Training Center. Just consider: our instructors have given training courses in Canada, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Germany – all at the same time! We need to particularly note that two out of four training courses were aimed at promotion and popularization of Russian aviation technologies and normative documentation abroad – these were the Sukhoi RRJ-95B (Sukhoi Superjet 100) type training and a training course on aviation legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of the maintenance organizations.

Such a significant expansion of geographic coverage of our training courses and their high demand show the trust that our foreign partners have in Training Center “Aviator” and appreciation of our achievements on the global stage.

We are working for you – our customers – and for all passengers while strictly adhering to all training norms and standards in the field of civil aviation.

PS  Both in frost and heat!… Extreme temperatures do not stop a training!