Aviator’s Millenium!

Our Training Center has reached a very interesting milestone  – we have issued the thousandth certificate of recognition (under EASA Part-147).

Now we can proudly count our students not by the hundreds but by the thousands! Ok, still by “one thousand”, but nevertheless. We are on the right track – honest and professional work pays off. It is really nice to realize that this achievement is not a piece of good fortune, but a result of a well-coordinates work of all our instructors, examiners, methodologists, developers, and of all staff of our Training Center.

We are sincerely grateful to all our Customers (both organisations/entities/bodies and physical persons) for choosing our Training Center! We are working for you! And we promise you to move forward continuously improving the quality of our services and expanding our services.

Training Center “Aviator” – “Complex made simple”