New Part-66 group enrollment now opened


Dear friends and colleagues! We are glad to inform you that enrollment to the new Basic Part-66 Modules group is now opened. The training includes preparatory lectures and examinations for Cat. B1 and B2. The lectures are due to start on September 15, 2017. Hurry to join us! You can ask your questions to our […]

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Aircraft General Familiarization Courses


Уважаемые заказчики, приглашаем Ваших сотрудников  пройти обучение в нашем учебном центре, по следующим курсам: Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Boeing 737-300/400/500 Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Boeing 757-200/300 Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Boeing 767-200/300/400 Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Ознакомительный курс по конструкции ВС Bombardier […]

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Participation in the IAC Coordination Council on Aviation Specialists Training


27 июня 2017 г. директор НОЧУ ДПО УЦ «Авиатор» Владислав Берлев принял участие в заседании Координационного совета при Межгосударственном авиационном комитете (МАК) по подготовке авиационных специалистов выступив с докладом «Современные тенденции в подготовке специалистов по оценке соответствия экземпляров воздушных судов требованиям летной годности». Во время заседания Совета представители авиационных администраций и учебных заведений, осуществляющих подготовку […]

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Advanced Technologies: ATA e-Business Forum and S1000D User Forum


Сотрудники НОЧУ ДПО «Учебный центр «Авиатор» приняли участие в форуме ATA e-Business Forum and S1000D User Forum, который прошел с 12 по 14 июня 2017 в г. Амстердам. Форум позволил узнать  о событиях в области обмена информацией, необходимой для обеспечения инженерно-технического обслуживания, материально-технического обеспечения, а также обмена полетной информацией для формирования комплексных стандартов, охватывающих стандарты […]

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Aviation Technical English


End of May our Training Center conducted a pilot examination aimed at determination of the Aviation Technical English proficiency level of maintenance personnel in Kazakhstan. The examination consisted of two parts: written and aural. Based on the results each participant of the examination was granted an Aviation Technical English proficiency level: from 1 to 6. […]

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Another extension of our Part-147 approval


Dear colleagues and friends! We are glad to tell you that we’ve finalized another extension of our Part-147 scope of work, and added a new training course “Difference training from Boeing 737-300/400/500 (Boeing 737 Classic) to Boeing 737-600/700/800/900ER (Boeing 737NG)” – for all categories (B1, B2 and B1+B2). What needs to be highlighted is the […]

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SMS walks across Russia


We are glad to inform you on another interesting training course that has been recently completed in Saratov – Safety Management System (SMS) for Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMOs) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMOs) working under Bermuda and Russian Aviation Rules. The course turned out to be very vivid and interesting, allowing sharing of a bunch […]

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Flying far-far away! (with EDTO and otherwise)


We are glad to inform you on completion of another interesting training on maintenance and continuing airworthiness peculiarities of ETOPS flight operations, which are now called (in accordance with ICAO terminology) EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations). Modern EDTO standards are covering more than only twin-engine aircraft operations, as well as allow for performing the flights in […]

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Recent addition to our Part-66 family

We are glad to welcome a new student from a sunny Sri Lanka at our Part-66 Basic Training & Examinations group ! Now the group (composed of Russian and Nepalese students) became even “more international”. We are curious to see who will join next!

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SMS – Connecting People!


A block of two courses on the Safety Management System (SMS) was conducted on April 10-14 at our Training Center. The first two days the students spent for studying the terms and principles lying at the core of SMS, and during the remaining three days they’ve learnt detailed practical methods of hazard identification, safety risk management […]

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