Aviator in mass media

Last week a celebratory issue of Aviasouz magazine (Nov-Dec 2017) was issued commemorating 95 years of the civil aviation of Russia. Aviator could not keep away from such an interesting issue and took its part in the Continuing Airworthiness section together with the leading civil aviation enterprises of Russia.

In that article we described our achievements, new courses, interesting ideas and projects. For example, about the courses on Russian FAP-285 Aviation Rules that we have conducted (in English) for the specialists of foreign companies (this course is part of means of compliance with the abovementioned rules), about the new courses for the representatives of civil aviation administrations (CAAs) “Basic Course on Aircraft Maintenance Practices” and “Aircraft Inspection and Airworthiness Assessment”.

In this article it is also briefly stated our achievements in the field of training on SMS, components maintenance, general familiarization, aviation technical English and much more.

Full article can be found in the new issue of the magazine on the official web-site aviasouz.com.