Aviator in the land of ‘Airbus’es and ‘ATR’s

Our Training Center – while being the only representative of Russia – took part in the annual Conference of the European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee (EAMTC) in Toulouse (France), where the main production site of Airbus and ATR aircraft is located.
The Conference covered the most acute topics of personnel training including advanced methods of Big Data analysis aimed at improving the training quality and customizing the training courses.
The EAMTC representatives work in close cooperation with ICAO in terms of developing the training manuals featuring the competence-based training. The respective ICAO document Doc 10098 is expected in November 2020.
One of the challenges to the aviation community is providing high-quality repair of advanced materials used in brand-new aircraft – primarily, composite materials. There is a specific EAMTC working group, which dedicates its research to this topic, and whose objective is to develop the training standards for the personnel involved in composite materials repair.
The use of unmanned aircraft (drones) for aircraft inspections is just round the corner. Thus, by the end of 2019 such inspection is expected to be included into the official Airbus Task Card.
Communications with the colleagues gives priceless opportunity to share experience and new ideas, which will most definitely find their place in our training process!