Russian FAR-285 are expanding the horizons

Dear colleagues and friends!

We are glad to share with you our recent achievement, which allows us to add our fair share of contribution to promoting the Russian aviation legispation abroad.

Not long ago we’ve completed a Russian Federal Aviation Rules FAR-285 Requirements to Legal Bodies, Self-Employed Entrepreneurs that Carry-out Maintenance of Civil Aircraft. Form and Procedures for Issuing a Certificate Confirming Compliance of Legal Bodies, Self-Employed Entrepreneurs that Carry-out Maintenance of Civil Aircraft with the Federal Aviation Rules’ Requirements (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation No. 285 dated September 25, 2015) Training for a foreign company. The approval certificate received under these Rules allows performing maintenance of aircraft registered in Russia.

Our foreign customers highly appreciated the detalization level and instructors’ proficiency. It’s no secret that sometimes it is not that easy for the foreigners to understand the structure of the Russian legislation and draw the parallels with the European or American legislation. Our Training Center undertook to solve this issue with pleasure and thus developed a unique training course that allows not only to study the Russian FAR-285 in details, but also to understand their interconnections with the similar European legislative document EASA Part-145.

We strongly believe that our Training Center will contribute to returning of the aviation superpower status to our native country by promoting the brand-new Russian legislation among the foreign companies, as well as to facilitating of moving the foreign-registered aircraft to the Russian Registry.