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Our Training Center has provided the Aviation Technical English training as well as respective...

The first group of students has just passed our brand-new ‘virtual classroom’ training! This...

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Training Center "Aviator" was established in 2011 with the aim to provide high-quality services in the field of maintenance personnel training, primarily type training on both domestic- and foreign-built aircraft. Since the time of establishment it has been consistently led by Mr. Vladislav Berlev.

More than that, the vast experience of our team allows our Training Center to provide a wide range of consultancy services in different fields of the aviation domain. Among the rest, it includes consultancy services on how to get, expand or maintain EASA Part-145 Approval subject to aircraft and components maintenance, aviation leasing consultancy and much more.

We offer our services to a wide range of aviation organizations, such as:
- Design & Production Organisations
- Maintenance Organisations
- Airlines
- Leasing Companies
- Airports
- Training Centers


2020 turned out to be quite challenging for all organizations around the world – they were forced to reorganize their activities due to all that happened in the world. Our Training Center is was no exception. And it turned out to be tough (on one hand), but also very interesting and unusual! Beside the active...


Our Training Center has provided the Aviation Technical English...


The first group of students has just passed our...


Dear colleagues! Due the the current worldwide situation (as...